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Business Solutions

Our highly decorated team of coffee professionals utilizes scientific research, green bean analysis, predictive flavor mapping and automatic roast curve generation to help create reliable, repeatable, safe and precise coffee solutions for your customer needs and preferences.


Coffeeland brings the traditional method of coffee roasting into an new era with state-of-the-art precision roasting.


Coffeeland ensures proper execution in every step of coffee production with our expert team of Q-Graders and coffee roasters.


Coffeeland aims to emulate the essence of your brand to your target consumers, with our growing team of coffee professionals.


Coffeeland pays tribute to the skilled farmers behind the coffee growing process, with sustainable, Farm Direct Sourcing.


At Coffeeland we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with organizations of all backgrounds. If you have a passion for great coffee, we are here to make your vision visible.

Precision Roasting

Coffeeland’s roasters and technicians utilize automated equipment throughout the production process, from green bean storage, cleaning, and roasting, to quality control and packaging, ensuring proper execution every step of the way.

Coffeeland works with expert coffee roasters and Q-Graders to make sure we give our 100% for the quality of the products we are proud to present. Once a targeted flavor profile is selected from our Green Bean Flavor Mapping Database, a scientific roasting profile is created for the selected flavors. Merging century-old coffee craftsmanship with advanced roasting methods that is scientifically backed, we are able to deliver dependability in every batch of coffee we produce.

You no longer have to worry about unpredictable factors that contribute to the inconsistency of manufacturing. Because at Coffeeland, we deem it our responsibility to continuously improve our methods working at the leading edge of specialty coffee.


Farm Direct Sourcing

At Coffeeland, we have profound respect for the people involved in the coffee growing process. In doing our part to uphold the value chain of coffee, it is of great importance for us to source from environmentally friendly, sustainable, transparent and ethical coffee farm producers.

We value our relationships with coffee farmers that share our belief of ethical treatment and responsibility toward the environment. Our partners devote their entire livelihood for the love of the trade, and it truly shows. Each coffee cherry is hand-picked with meticulous care at their prime. This ensures that each bean is harvested at its ideal ripeness for superior quality even in its raw form.

In upholding our standards, we work with our expert team of Q-Graders to purchase the most exceptional green coffee, while upholding the legacy of the people we source from.


Private Labeling

Our company believes coffee is for everyone and not just sold for profit. No matter how different we are from one another, coffee has the rare capability of bringing people together. If you are interested in creating your own coffee brand or add value to your loyal customers, we are here to help.

By working with us, you will have a unique resource of certified coffee experts in developing and improving your coffee products. The added support of our Research and Development team and our panel of Q-Graders assist in expert blending and recipe creation.

With our roasting and research abilities, we are able to uniquely position ourselves in providing private labeling for various sectors of business.



While every team has a leader, a leader would be singular without its team. Our professional team of Q-Graders and coffee roasters leverage their expertise with technologically advanced equipment throughout the production process - from thorough green bean analysis to Precision Roasting. In alliance with the Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Quality Institute, we are honored to be continuously improving our methodology and consequently finding ways to supporting coffee education that is inclusive and accessible for everyone around the world.